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Contribute to the Desktop Virtualisation Desktop Analyser, add best practises or feature requests


Download the BPA

Get your copy of the Desktop Virtualisation BPA and the latest XML Update here.


About us

Read all about the team that worked on this community driven tool, these guys gave you a head start in optimising your desktop.

About us

The launch of the Desktop Virtualisation Best Practice Analyser!

A few years ago during one of the many great E2E conferences we sat down and discussed the issues we, as consulting architects, see during desktop virtualization projects. One (of many) is image optimisation and all that comes with it:

  • Collecting best practises;
  • Applying best practises;
  • Testing best practises.

All in all it’s very time consuming an when the wrong ‘best practises’ are applied and you can run into a lot of unforeseen issues, after all it’s a best practise and not a default with a reason.

But why not create a way to make applying these best practises so much easier, leveraging the power of the community to keep the list of best practises up to date in terms of adding but also removing them if they are no longer considered being a beneficial change. With this being said we introduce the Desktop Virtualisation Best Practise Analyser, this tool will allow you to run a scan on your desktop/RDS session host and compare the community standard of best practises against your build, utilising either a GUI or CLI!

If you have additional best practises or feature request please feel free to contribute to this tool and help built the Desktop Virtualisation Best Practice Analyser.

A special thanks goes out to the following people:

  • Andrew Morgan; Chief Coding Monkey, responsible for the application it self
  • Jarian Gibson; Reviewing BPA and helping out in so many ways
  • Remko Weijnen; For the initial start of the application and for the solid advice he has given.

Kind regards,

Kees Baggerman