The BPA has 3 components:

  • BPAnalyzer
  • BP Rule Builder
  • XML File

The BPAnalyzer and BP Rule Builder are combined into one installer package, with the rule builder you can create your own rule set based on registry items, ini files, services or scheduled tasks. If you run into other possible options feel free to inform us via the Contribute! page.  The BPAnalyzer will need an XML file to provide the current rule set based on best practises from different vendors please note that the XML file is a separate download as it will make updates to the XML file easier. 



Change log XML Update v0.6:

  • Checks and typo’s  –  Massive thanks goes out to Jonathan Pitre


Change log XML Update v0.5:

  • Changed the Network Location Awareness description – Jamil Talib
  • Changed the status of SuperFetch – Jamil Talib
  • There’s an issue with Windows 2008R2 and the DisableTaskOffload registry key, it will raise an alert even if the value is set correctly – Marcel Ammann and Ian Dunbar – Fixed a typo in the registry key


  • Allow administrators to add some logic to decide whether rules are applied such as OS, architecture or image type  – Robert McArthur
  • Export results to HTML or PDF – Robert Steeghs
  • Remove Registry keys – Robert McArthur
  • Browse the registry from the Rule Builder – Robert McArthur